Some people like to set big goals for themselves, I however like to set small ones. I’m not as disappointed if they don’t come true. I’ve only had four goals set in my life. One was to drink an entire case of beer in one day. That was checked off the list on March 12, 1997. I always wanted to be on the radio for less money than the producers of the Amos and Andy show made in 1939. I’m currently living that dream. I’ve always wanted to have my own blog that I would update every six weeks. In thirty seven years on this planet, I have managed to meet those high standards. My fourth and final one is to be involved in a roast, That comes true on April 30th. The roast for former Steeler running back Merril Hoge, a guy I’ve never met completes my dream life. I get to roast Hall of famer Mike Ditka as well as Billy Elmer. Who in my opinion may be the funniest stand up I’ve ever seen. Who would have thought that a guy who grew up in central Pennsylvania would one day make it all the way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I want to thank the legendary Jimmy Krenn for making two of my dreams come true. Actually 3, he bought me the case of beer also. One more note of thanks to Lauren Jacobs of Olrando for setting up my fan page on facebook. Now its time for me to start setting newer and smaller goals.

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