Anyone that may have seen my act more than once knows of my staggering dearth of new material. Just not that easy to come up with new stuff. So in my search for new jokes, i think i’m going to have to take up the standing offer that i and all comedians get from people all the time. “just come down to where i work and you’ll get a whole lot of new material”. So finally i had to take someone’s offer. My friend dave works in a restaurant and there is this dishwasher who speaks very little english. It’s hard to understand what he is saying, but boy is it funny. There’s this waiter named steve and he has sex with lots of big women. whatta character. and i saw the boss yelling at someone he’s such a jerk. After observing all this craziness the material just wrote itself. I can’t wait to get on stage at my new regular friday night show on the south side slopes (corner cafe 2500 s. 18th st) and tell everyone about their crazy antics. If you know of anybody else that works with a lot of characters, please let me know so i can go hang out at their place of employment all day. or i could just do like robin williams, dane cook, and carlos mencia do and go to my own place of employment and get “new” material there. I just wouldn’t feel good about myself for doing that. Not that i feel good about myself anyway, no need to make it worse. See its tough to try to be funny.

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