I know i\’m getting older now that i refer to people in college as kids. when i talk to younger comics my stories of my past are sometimes confusing to them. I was telling one guy about the time that i drank so many wine coolers that i broke the rabbit ears off the television and pulled off the vhf knob. just drunken senseless vandalism. Then i put on my stadia sneakers to run to a phone booth after my beeper went off. i had to use a pay phone since my phone broke after i tripped over the phone chord and smashed into my jam box. Luckily my mister mister ( senor senor for those Latinos reading this)cassette tape wasn\’t harmed in the incident. The vhs store was right next to the phone booth so i figured i\’d return the movies on the way. But being so messed up i had forgot to rewind those movies. Not very kind of me. Next thing i know a couple of friends stop by and they are telling me about how funny the tonight show was. so funny that they had spit crystal Pepsi all over their jams. in the retelling, i had to hold in the cup of slice i had just poured for myself. Anyway we talked about the show over some jumping jack Doritos. then the drinking munchies crept in and we argued over whether we should go to chi chi\’s or get some rax roast beef. At that point my younger friend stopped me and said “not one thing you have said so far makes any sense at all, what the hell is slice and how could the tonight show be funny?”I continued anyway telling him that when i got to the phone to make a call i just kept getting a busy signal. With that he lost interest. Oh well its not that great a story anyway i suppose. Stupid kids nowadays don’t have the attention span.

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