Comedy season is back and so is my blog. Incredible summer vacation as always this year. I spent three luxurious days at my parents house in Newport, Pennsylvania. Including transportation provided by the good folks at greyhound and the cost of cigarettes i vacationed in style for under one hundred dollars. I got away from the hustle and bustle of Brentwood in a little known spot some 180 miles from my home. I went to the grocery store and even a local tavern. This years vacation edged out even last years getaway when I stayed in my apartment and turned the phone off for three days. I sent out postcards of me lounging on the couch and sent out some nice photos of my kitchen. Next year I’m thinking about maybe crossing the state line. Maybe Wheeling, West Virginia. Maybe East Liverpool, Ohio. Who Knows? the amount of money i make at the radio station provides me limitless opportunities. Now back to the grind. check out my upcoming shows and I’m at the corner cafe every Friday night. Unless I’m on vacation.

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