I enjoyed watching the Saints end their 43 year reign of futility. They defeated simply the best all time quarterback to ever step on the field of play in the eighty plus years of history of American football. that is a long time to not have a parade. As spring approaches I like to think of the biggest losers in the history of baseball and laugh at them. The Pirates? No, everyone over thirty-one has at least lived in a time where the Pirates were world champs. The Indians? They have been to a world series twice in the last 15 years and even won a world series as recently as 1948. The Chicago White sox have one won championship in ninety years and they are the more successful team in the city. The Chicago Cubs and their fans for some reason are a very arrogant bunch. watch for these losers of the yuppie scene when they invade your major league city this season. Hide your heads in shame! 1908 was the last time cubs fans had a reason for pride. That was when baseball was played with poorly conditioned alcoholics whose dads fought the civil war. the game was probably played on and old race track with crickety bleachers and one thousand white men in suits watching. They haven’t even been there since 1945. the tail end of the big one. And they blame this curse on a billy goat. Bow down to the cubs at least they are the best at something.

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